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Practical Travel Guides began on an overnight ferry sailing across the Adriatic from Ancona, Italy to Split, Dubrovnik.  The journey to the ferry from Rome and was, oddly, the most mysterious parts of an entire 3 months journey in Europe.  Out of all the travel advice in guidebooks and blog posts, no really practical advice was available on the train, busses, and steps necessary to finally board the ferry.  

On that spring day in 2016 pictures of signs were taken, notes jotted down, routes were mapped, and the first Practical Guide was written to ensure future travelers would not encounter the same dearth of practical guidance which had existed before.   

That one traveler’s desire to share the nitty gritty details of getting from point A to B has evolved into a community of travelers passionate to share their experiences.  We at Practical Guides encourage you to join us in clearing the way for other Practical Travelers to follow.  


Hey there, I’m Mary!  I’m a Maryland, USA native with a passion for traveling, planning trips, diving into details, researching new experiences, exploring new places, and sharing what I find with you!  


I am all about knowing before you go, and nothing brings me more joy than keeping other travel lovers in the loop.  Besides keeping up to date on travel, I am a huge fan of being in nature, hiking, walking, and sitting and listening to the birds.  

Before ​I started Practical Travel Guides, I was a dance teacher, a visual merchandiser, and a private academic tutor.  I earned my BA in English Language and Literature, and through my study abroad semester I really fell in love with seeing the world.  

When I’m at home, my hobbies include hiking, wine tasting, garden appreciating, Maryland steamed crab eating, museum browsing, and learning new things.  


I’d love to meet you!  Drop me a line or catch me on socials (I’m constantly on our @practicaltravelguides IG) to chat and say hi!  


Here at Practical Travel Guides, we believe in soaking a place in, knowing the history, finding the best quality experiences, and delving deep into culture, history, tradition, and global significance.


We want to spread our love of knowing how a place shaped the history of the world, or the impact one local figure had on a country.  We want to share our awesome experience with a particular restaurant, tour guide, hotel, or attraction.  


At Practical Travel Guides, we truly believe that the more you know about a place, the more you will enjoy your stay.  Nothing gives us thrills more than soaking in a place with a rich culture and history.  


Practical Travel Guides has started an initiative to clean up local hiking trails!  Check our events page to sign up for out next event and help us keep our beautiful parks litter free!

Know a trail, park, or road near you that needs to be cleaned up?  Let us know, we’re always willing to get a cleanup going wherever it’s needed!  Reach out to us through our contact form or on social media and we’ll send a free tee shirt your way for your efforts to help out local parks!  


Let us know the details of the park, trail, or road near you that needs a cleanup, we’ll send you a free tee shirt!*  

*Terms and Conditions apply.  Free tee shirt offer valid upon approval of clean up request.  Approval is not guaranteed.  Void where prohibited.  



Have you been on an amazing trip?  Do you have some useful information to pass on to future travelers?  Want to s​hare those great travel photos you took on the way?  Consider writing a guest post!  Whether you’re a seasoned writer or a newcomer, we would love to give you the opportunity to connect with the other Practical Travelers who want to hear those awesome tips you have.  

We want to see your pictures of signposts, departure boards, road closures, confusing turns, insider tips, and practical how to’s.  No detail is too small for us to love and share with the community!  Have a good story?  We’re all ears!  Want to show off your photo skills?  Or tell the PTG community about that awesome dish you had? We want to hear it!  Reach out any way you like, email, socials, our contact form, whatever you’re into and we’ll get talking about publishing your travel tips and stories.  


The Practical Travel Guides team has been putting out regional and state by state guides for those travelers crossing state boarders in the USA during the covid-19 era.  Our Guides are written for the purpose of informing travelers of recent quarantine requirements in the USA for domestic travelers, as well as recent and continuing closures of certain industries and attractions.  We wish the reader to be informed and prepared, whether traveling or merely curious.  

These guides are intended to provide information and are not endorsements of travel during the pandemic.  Each individual is responsible for assessing the risks involved for himself or herself. What travelers choose to do with the information provided on this page is a choice made solely at their discretion. and it’s affiliates are not to be held accountable for the actions of any individual or group.  Furthermore, the accuracy of the information we provide is not guaranteed.  Practical Travel Guides does its best to maintain the accuracy of the information provided in our guides, but with the rapid rate at which changes occur, we cannot be held responsible for misinformation on our site.  We assure you any misinformation is unintentional.  If you come across an error, please inform us and we will address the issue immediately.  Thank you for understanding and we wish you health and safety whether you are at home or traveling during these times.